About Us

A Distinct Identity
We are the people who changed the identity of indigenous medicine from just hypothesis to proofs. Our thrust is to integrate the indigenous medicine with the fundamentals of pharmacological therapeutics. This has lead to more meaningful research to answer the basic pharmacological actions of herbal formulations. Therefore our efforts are focused on bringing ‘Herbal Medicine in the light of modern therapeutics’.

Strengthening Bonds
Pharmaveda’s research breakthroughs continue to push back the frontiers of health care. Our continuing endeavours in evolution of newer ideas and innovative approaches have earned a unique position and carved out its own niche in the Indian Healthcare Industry. The integration of the company’s philosophy and corporate motto has helped us to grow from strength to strength.

Adding Value to life
Our main thrust is to develop need based formulations and introduce newer concepts in the therapeutic management of ailing humanity. The creative innovations in the field of medicines are the focus of our research and development. We are an organization headed by team of qualified scientists with excellence in pharmacology working round the clock to evolve breakthrough formulations.

Redefining Excellence
To face the dawning challenges of new millennium we are processing Innovative growth oriented strategies for future. People skills and professionalism form a principle part of PHARMAVEDA’S chemistry of success. We are furnished with GMP certified and ISO 9001-2008 accredited well-equipped modern manufacturing facility in Mumbai.

Blazing Flashers
We are the first people who originated the thought of up-regulation of hypothalamic gonadal hormone receptors with our menstrual corrective product P-28 tablets & syrup. We identified the cellular & sub-cellular mechanisms of hepato-tropic and hepato-protective action with our product Detoxina tablets & syrup. Our pioneering work in the field of immune modulation resulted in the formulation “Reimun Immunorestorative Combipack” used in the clinical management of HIV/AIDS giving these patients added longevity with improved Quality of Life. Our product Lomotral Oral Power embodies Sushruta’s prescription of ORS along with safe, effective and time-tested herbal anti-diarrhoeals. The molar values of electrolytes in Lomotral meet the WHO / UNICEF defined criteria of acceptable molar range for electrolytes in ORS formulations. Some of our breakthrough products Lophat tablets, Flo chewable tablets & syrup, Glydetabs tablets & cream, Nutripreg granules, P2G syrup are the state of art research formulations. This is testimony of not just our achievement but also our continuous endeavours to improve the quality of human life.

Seeking Newer Horizons
Pharmaveda’s globalization thrust will take us not only to new shores and new markets but also into new international alliances to advance business possibilities. The future holds immense potential not just for PHARMAVEDA but equally for its partners. Everything we do today is geared to realize those exciting possibilities.