Solanum indicum
Botanical Name:
Solanum indicum

Brihati consists of dried root of Solanum indicum Linn, Family Solanaceae

Common Name(s) in English & Indian Languages
Sanskrit: Sanhika
Assamese: Tilabhakuri
Bengali: Byakud
English: Poison Berry, Indian Nightshade
Guajarati: Umimuyaringani, Ubhibharingani, Ubhibhuyaringa
Hindi: Vanabharata, Badikateri
Kannada: Kirugullia, Heggulla, Gulla
Malayalam: Cheru Vazhuthina, Putirichunda
Marathi: Dorli, Chichuriti, Dorale
Oriya: Dengabheji
Punjabi: Kandiarivaddi
Tamil: Chiru vazhuthalai, Papparamulli, Mullamkatti
Telugu: Tella Mulaka
Urdu: Kateli

Botanical description:
It is much branched, very prickly under shrub, 0.3-1.8 m in height. Leaves are simple, large, ovate, subentire, sinuate or lobed. Flowers are blue in extra-axillary cymes having stellately hairy and prickly peduncles. Fruits are globose berries, reddish or dark yellow with smooth or minutely pitted seeds. Root well developed, long, ribbed, woody, cylindrical, pale yellowish-brown,1-2.5 cm in dia., a number of secondary roots and their branches present, surface rough due to presence of longitudinal striations and root scars, fracture, short and splintery; no distinct odour and taste.

Parts used:
Dried roots

Major chemical constituents:
Steroidal Alkaloids and Steroids

Therapeutic uses:
• Pain (Sula)
• Asthma (Svasa)
• Heart disease (Hrdroga)
• Fever (Jvara)
• Digestive impairment (Agnimadya)
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