“Gandhapura Taila”
 Oil of Wintergreen
Oil of Wintergreen

Gandhapura Taila is the oil obtained by the steeping and fermentation of fresh leaves of Gaultheria fragrantissima Wall. Family Ericaceae

Common Name(s) in English & Indian Languages
Bengali: Gandapuro
English: Oil of wintergreen, Indian-Wintergreen
Guajarati: Gandhapuro
Hindi: Gandpuro, Gandhapuraa kaa tel, Machino
Kannada: Gandhapura
Malayalam: Gandhapura
Marathi: Gandhapura
Oriya: Gandhapura
Punjabi: Gandhapura
Tamil: Gandhapura tailam
Telugu: Gandhapura tailam
Urdu: Gandapuro
Latin: Oleum Gaultheriale

Gandpura patra taila is colourless or nearly colourless oil; with strong characterstic odour, and pungent taste. It is soluble in 6 parts of
alcohol (70 %).

Take 2 ml of oil, add a drop of ferric chloride solution; a violet colour is produced.

Therapeutic uses:
• Rheumatism (Amavata)
• Diarrhoea (Atisara)
• Toothache (Dantasula)
• Sciatica (Grdhrasi)
• Fever (Jvara)
• Intestinal worms (Udarakrmi)
• Gout (Vatarakta)
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