Mucuna pruriens (stickm) DC
Botanical Name:
Mucuna pruriens (stickm) DC

Kavachbeej consists of dried mature seed of Mucuna prurita Hook., (Synonym Mucuna pruriens Baker), Family Fabaceae

Common Name(s) in English & Indian Languages
Sanskrit: Kapikacchu, Markati, Kandura
Assamese: Banar Kakua
English: Cowhage
Guajarati: Kavach, Kaucha
Hindi: Kewanch, Kaunch
Kannada: Nasugunne, Nasugunnee
Malayalam: Naikuruna
Marathi: Khajkuhilee, Kavach
Oriya: Baikhujnee
Punjabi: Tatgajuli, Kawach
Tamil: Poonaikkali
Telugu: Doolagondi, Duradagondi
Urdu: Kanwach, Konch

Botanical description:
A climbing green shrub, leaves trifoliolate, flowers axillary, pendulous racemose, purple, pods curved, ribbed, turgid, densely covered with persistent pale brown or gray bristles, seeds black. A transverse section of root shows central porous wood that forms a major part of the root and an outer thin bark. The cork is narrow and light black in color with patches of rhitidoma. The seed coat is hard, thick, and glossy. The embryo fills the seed and consists of two large fleshy cotyledons. The cotyledons contain oval-shaped starch grains.

Parts used:
Seed, roots, and legume

Major chemical constituent:
Fixed Oil, Alkaloid and 3,4-Dihydroxyphenylalanine.

Therapeutic uses:
• Diseases due to vata dosa (Vatavyadhi)
• Tremor (Kampa)
• Male impotence (Klaivya)
• Non-healing ulcer (Dustavrana)
• Bleeding disorder (Raktapitta)
• Weakness (Daurbalya)

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