Allium sativum Linn
Botanical Name:
Allium sativum Linn

Lasuna consists of bulb of Allium sativum Linn, Family Liliaceae

Common Name(s) in English & Indian Languages
Sanskrit: Rasona, Yavanesta
Assamese: Maharu
Bengali: Lasuna
English: Garlic
Guajarati: Lasan, Lassun
Hindi: Lahasun
Kannada: Bulluci
Malayalam: Vellulli, Nelluthulli
Marathi: Lasun
Punjabi: Lasan
Tamil: Vellaipoondu
Telugu: Vellulli, Tellapya, Tellagadda
Urdu: Lahsan, Seer

Botanical description:
AA perennial, erect bulbous herb, 30–60 cm tall, strong smelling when crushed. The underground portion consists of a compound bulb with numerous fibrous rootlets; the bulb gives rise above ground to a number of narrow, keeled, grass-like leaves. The leaf blade is linear, flat, solid, 1.0–2.5cm wide, 30–60 cm long, and has an acute apex. Leaf sheaths form a pseudostem. Inflorescences are umbellate; scape smooth, round, solid, and coiled at first, subtended by membranous, long-beaked spathe, splitting on one side and remaining attached to umbel. Small bulbils are produced in inflorescences; flowers are variable in number and sometimes absent, seldom open and may wither in bud. Flowers are on slender pedicels; consisting of perianth of 6 segments, about 4–6mm long, pinkish; stamens 6, anthers exerted; ovary superior, 3-locular.

Parts used:

Major chemical constituent:
Volatile Oil containing Allyl Disulphide and Diallyl Disulphide. It also contains Allin, Allicin, Mucilage and Albumin.

Therapeutic uses:
• Chronic fever (Jirna Jvara)
• worm infestation (Krmiroga)
• Abdominal lump (Gulma)
• Diseases of skin (Kustha)
• Piles (Arsa)
• Cough (Kasa)
• Asthma (Svasa)
• Sinusitis (Pinasa)
• Pain (Sula)
• Otalgia (Karnasula)
• Diseases due to vata dosa (Vatavyadi)
• Hiccup (Hikka)
• Obesity (Medoroga)
• Gastro-enteritis with piercing pain (Visucika)
• Splenomegaly (Pliha Vrddhi)
• Pthisis (Ksaya)
• Intermittent fever (Visama Jvara)
• Epilepsy (Apasmara)
• Mania (Unmada)
• Oedema (Sopha)
• Heart disease (Hrdroga)
• Pain due to vata dosa (Vatsula)
• Pain in sacral region (Trikasula)
• Ulcer (Vrana)

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