Symplocos racemosus
Botanical Name:
Symplocos racemosus

Lodhra consists of dried stem bark of Symplocos racemosa Roxb, Fam.Symplocaceae.

Common Name(s) in English & Indian Languages
Sanskrit: Rodhra, Paittka Lodhra, Sabara Lodhra, Tirita
Assamese: Mugam
Bengali: Lodha, Lodhra
English: Symplocos bark
Guajarati: Lodhaz
Hindi: Lodha
Kannada: Lodhra
Kashmiri: Kath
Malayalam: Pachotti
Marathi: Lodha, Lodhra
Punjabi: Lodhar
Tamil: Vellilathi, Vellilothram
Telugu: Lodhuga
Urdu: Lodh, Lodhpathani

Botanical description:
An evergreen tree, 6-8.5 m tall, leaves spirally or distichously arranged, simple; stipules absent; leaf blade margin entire, dentate, or glandular dentate, midvein adaxially impressed or rarely flat or prominent. Inflorescences inspikes, racemes, panicles, or glomerules, rarely flowers solitary. Flowers actinomorphic, bisexual, rarely unisexual, supported by 1bract and 2 bractlets, rarely bractless or with several bracts in leaf axil.Ovary inferior to half inferior, 2-5-locular but unless stated otherwise in descriptions 3-locular, with 2--4 ovules per locule. Calyx lobes, persistent, valvate or imbricate. Corolla white (not repeated in descriptions) or yellow,gamopetalous but divided nearly to base (or to middle in S. pendula) ; lobes, imbricate. Stamens many, rarely 4 or 5, adnate to base of corolla tube, monadelphous in subgenus Symplocos, monadelphous to pentadelphous in subgenus Hopea; filaments distinct or in fascicles; anthers subglobose, 2-locular. Ovary usually with an apical 5-glandular, annular, cylindrical, or 5-lobed disc. Style 1, filiform; stigma small, capitate or 2--5-lobed. Fruit a drupe. Seeds with copious endosperm; embryo straight or curved; cotyledons very short.

Parts used:
Stem bark

Major chemical constituent:
Alkaloids (loturine and colloturine) and red coloring matter

Therapeutic uses:
• Inflammation (Sotha)
• Diarrhoea (Atisara)
• Disease of eyes (Netraroga)
• Bleeding disorder (Raktapitta)
• Excessive vaginal discharge (Pradara)

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