Mesua ferrea
Botanical Name:
Mesua ferrea

Nagkeshar consists of dried stamens of Mesua ferrea Linn (Synonym Mesua nagassarium (Burm.f.) Kosterm, Family Guttiferae

Common Name(s) in English & Indian Languages
Sanskrit: Kesara, Nagapuspa, Naga, Hema, Gajakesara
Assamese: Negeshvar, Nahar
Bengali: Nageshvara, Nagesar
English: Cobras Saffron
Guajarati: Nagkesara, Sachunagkeshara, Nagchampa, Pilunagkesar, Tamranagkesar
Hindi: Nagkesara, Pila Nagkesara
Kannada: Nagsampige, Nagakesari
Malayalam: Nangaa, Nauga, Peri, Veluthapala, Nagppu, Nagappovu
Marathi: Nagkesara
Oriya: Nageswar
Punjabi: Nageswar
Tamil: Naugu, Naugaliral, Nagachampakam, Sirunagappu
Telugu: Nagachampakamu
Urdu: Narmushk, Nagkesar

Botanical description:
Mesua ferrea is a medium sized to large evergreen tree, 18-30m in height and with reddish brown bark which peels off in thin flakes. Leaves are simple, opposite, thick, lanceolate, coriaceous, covered with waxy bloom underneath, and red when young, acute or acuminate and with inconspicuous nerves. Flowers are white, very fragrant, axillary or terminal, solitary or in pairs. Stamens are numerous, golden yellow, much shorter than the petals. Fruits are ovoid with a conical point surrounded by the enlarged sepals. Seeds are 1-4 in number, angular, dark brown and smooth.

Parts used:

Major chemical constituent:
Essential oil and Oleo-resin

Therapeutic uses:
• Bleeding disorder (Raktapitta)
• Gout (Vatarakta)
• Oedema (Sopharoga)
• Diseases of urinary bladder (Vastiroga)

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