“Nimbu Satva”
Citric Acid
Botanical Name:
Citric Acid

Nimbu satva is citric acid crystals obtained from fruit juice of various species of Citrus, Family Lamiaceae

Physical Properties:
• Colour - Colourless crystals/ White granules
• Solubility - Water soluble, freely alcohol soluble

Chemical Properties:
• Citric acid hydrate NLT 99.5%
• Residue on ignition NMT 0.1%

Therapeutic uses:
• Digestive impairment (Agnimandya)
• Tastelessness (Aruci)
• Vommiting (Chardi)
• Worm infestation (Krmi)
• Thirst (Trsa)
• Constipation (Vibandha)
• Dieases of abdomen (Udara Roga)
• Gastro-enteritis with piercing pain (Visucika)

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