Peppermint- Satva is the natural laevo-rotatory menthol obtained from various species of Mentha, Family Lamiaceae

Colourless, hexagonal crystals, usually needle-like, or in fused masses or crystalline powder; odour, pleasant and peppermint-like; taste, warm and aromatic followed by a cool sensation.

Major chemical constituent:
The major constituent is 1,8-cineole (54–95%). In addition, there are moderate amounts of a-pinene (2.6%), p-cymene (2.7%), aromadendrene, cuminaldehyde, globulol and pinocarveol

Therapeutic uses:
• Dyspepsia (Ajirna)
• Tooth ache (Dantasula)
• Chronic fever (Jirna jvara)
• Disease due to kapha dosa (Kaphaja vikara)
• Disease of mouth (Mukha roga)
• Pain in the abdomen (Udarasula)
• Pain (Sula)
• Ulcer (Vrana)
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