Inula racemosa
Botanical Name:
Inula racemosa

Pushkara consists of dried root of Inula racemosa Hook, Family Asteraceae

Common Name(s) in English & Indian Languages
Sanskrit: Kasmira, Pouskara
Assamese: Pohakarmul, Puskar
Bengali: Pushkara, Pushkaramula
English: Orris Root
Guajarati: Pushkarmula
Hindi: Pohakar Mul
Kannada: Pushkara Moola
Malayalam: Puskara
Marathi: Pokhar Mool
Oriya: Puskara
Punjabi: Pokhar Mool
Tamil: Pushkarmulam
Telugu: Pushkara Mulamu

Botanical description:
A robust & stout perennial herb, to 1.5 m tall. Stems furrowed, with spreading hairs. Leaves alternate, irregularly toothed, nearly glabrous above, velvety-tomentose beneath; basal leaves elliptic, to 40 cm long on petioles; stem leaves ovate-cordate, succesively reduced upward, sessile, clasping. Heads to 5-10 cm across, solitary or 2-3 in a cluster; involucre hemisphere; phyllaries imbricate in several raws; the outer herbaceous, the inner usually narrow and scarious; receptacle flat, naked. Ray flowers female, yellow. Disk flowers tubular, bisexual, yellow, anthers sagittate-tailed. Achenes nearly cylindrical to 4-5 ribbed.

Parts used:

Major chemical constituent:
Alantolactones, Essential oil

Therapeutic uses:
• Tastelessness (Aruci)
• Flatulance with gurgling sound (Adhmana)
• Hiccup (Hikka)
• Fever (Jvara)
• Cough (Kasa)
• Asthma (Svasa)
• Intercostal neuralgia and pleurodynia (Parsvasula)
• Oedema (Sopha)
• Facial palsy (Ardita)
• Anaemia (Pandu)

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