“Shrunga Bhasma”
Shrunga bhasma is calx (incinerated ash) of horn of stag processed in juices and extracts of specified plant / plant parts.

• Color White
• Odor Nil

Test for calcium positive

Particle size:
100% powder passes through 120 mesh (125 mm)

Total ash:
NMT 99.80%

Weight loss on drying:
NMT 0.44%

Ayurvedic specifications:
• Lusterless (Nischandrica)
• Fine enough to enter crevices of finger (Rekhapurnatva)
• Floats on water (Varitara)
• Smokeless (Nirdhoom)
• Tasteless (Niswadu)
• Irreversible (Apunar bhav)

Test for heavy/toxic metals:   
• Lead  <10.0 ppm
• Cadmium <0.30 ppm
• Mercury  <1.00 ppm
• Arsenic    <10.0 ppm
Important Therapeutic Uses:
• Hiccup (Hikka)
• Cough (Kasa)
• Dyspnoea/Asthma (Svasa)
• Intercostal neuralgia and pleurodynia (Parsva Sula)
• Pleural effusion/ Hydrothorax (Urastoya)
• Angina pectoris (Hrtsula)
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