Prunella vulgaris Linné
Botanical Name:
Prunella vulgaris Linné

Ustukhudus consists of whole plant of Prunella vulgaris Linné, Family Lamiaceae

Common Name(s) in English & Indian Languages
English: Common Self-Heal, Heal-all, Heart-of-the-earth
Hindi: Austakhandus
Urdu: Ustukhudus

Botanical description:
Prunella grows from 1 to 2 feet high, with creeping, self-rooting, tough, square, reddish stems branching at leaf axis. Once the plant reaches any significant height, it falls over and attaches new roots to the ground if possible, much like other herbs in the mint family. The leaves of Prunella Vulgaris are lance shaped, serrated and reddish at tip, about 2 -3 inches long and 1 inch broad; grow on short stalks in opposite pairs down the square stem. The flowers grow from a club like, somewhat square, whirled cluster. Immediately below this club is pair of stalk-less leaves standing out on either side like a collar. Prunella flowers are two lipped and tubular, the top lip is a purple hood, and the bottom lip is often white, it has three lobes with the middle lobe being larger and fringed upwardly.

Parts used:
Whole plant

Major chemical constituent:
Alkaloids, Saponins, Flavanoids & Tannins

Therapeutic uses:
• Immunomodulatory
• Antiviral
• Anti-oxidative free radical scavenging
• Anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory
• Anti -microbial
• Anti -mutagenic
• Anti -HIV
• Anti -HSV
• Anti -HBV

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