Usage and Administration
1 to 4 tablet per day

15 Tablets Blister
Each Casol tablet contains approximately:
CaCO3 1250 mg
Vit D3 250 IU
Citric Acid 50 mg
Punarnava extract 10 mg
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Casol - 500tablets
Category : Calcium Supplement
Each Casol tablet provides 500 mg safe & bio-available elemental calcium. Near total absorption of Calcium from each Casol tablet is achieved due to maximizing both Vitamin D3 mediated active absorption of elemental calcium as well as passive absorption of soluble elemental calcium.
This is achieved by :
  • Enhanced bile acid secretion due to Punarnava, an established cholagogue, leading to adequate sequestration, proper micelle formation and therefore complete absorption of ingested Vitamin D3 in each Casol tablet, which in turn maximizes Vitamin D3 mediated active absorption of Calcium.
  • Solubilization of Calcium in intestinal lumen due to presence of citric acid forming soluble calcium citrate thereby maximizing passive absorption of solubilised Calcium.
  • Achieving maximal safety & tissue availability of elemental Calcium.
  • Growing children
  • Pregnancy (Garbhdharan)
  • Post Menopausal Syndrome
  • Osteoporosis (Atisosa)
  • Calcium Deficiency Conditions
  • Bone disorder
  • Bone fractures